Glossary of Paddling Terms

4-minute Run - This means our coach has just told us we're paddling for 4 minutes straight...note that likely means a 6 to 8-minute run instead...he should wear a watch. These runs will lengthen with training.

Brace & Switch -
It's time to switch to the other side of the boat and paddle so we don't get lopsided. Place your paddle flat across the water to brace the boat until it's your turn to switch. Then stay low and try to be graceful...we're all working on this...

Bury Your Blade/Paddle - Put the whole paddle in the water up to the shaft...we go faster if we use it all and not just the bottom few'll see...

Caller - Sits on the front of the boat and yells a lot...but in an encouraging way for the most part.

Hold the Boat - Put your paddles in the water...we'd like to stop the boat from going forward now.

Let It Run - Soon to be your 3 favorite words...this means stop's break time.

Meat Puppet - Your job on the boat is to paddle. Don't think too much, don't stress, don't talk (just while we're paddling...we chat plenty in our breaks!)...just paddle.
Paddles Up - Pretty much what it says. Paddles in the forward position, ready to hit the water.

PBR - A common post-paddle beverage.

is the left side of the boat, Starboard is right. The crazy way I remember this is that both port and left are 4-letter words...please don't let this keep you from trying us out!

Power - This one's easy...more power, same rate.
PFD - Personal Flotation Device or life jacket. We've got loaners for practice but you'll soon see why you'll want your own...same goes for paddles...

Sit Ready - Break's over and it's time to get paddling again.

Steersperson - We like to keep it simple...this person steers.
Take It Away or Hit - Off we go! Start paddling.
Timing - This is pretty much the key to this sport. Follow the paddle in front of you and match their entries and exits.
Rate - Refers to our pace. Up! Up! Up! means we're going faster...refer to timing...just do what the person in front of you is doing.