Dawn to Dusk

On July 24, 2010, MEMBERS OF PORTLAND’s Bridge City Paddling Club paddled for 12-hours around Ross Island to raise money and awareness for the Blue Planet Network (formerly known as Blue Planet Run Foundation.) That’s roughly 75 miles and 864,000 strokes — 8 am – 8 pm — in a dragonboat!

You can donate online today at: http://www.firstgiving.com/bcpc

For $150 or more you’ll receive a tee and the amazing book published by the Foundation, Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World. You’ll also be providing the  funds for water for the lifetimes of 5 people.

Every penny donated to this event will go to the Blue Planet Network's goal of solving the drinking water problem world-wide.

Blue Planet Network (formerly know as Blue Planet Run Foundation (BPRF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to ensure every person on the planet has access to safe drinking water – a problem afflicting over one billion people globally today. Through the Network’s revolutionary Peer Water Exchange (PWX) program, one-hundred percent of money donated to BPRF by individuals is distributed to grassroots rural water projects. PWX’s online community together manages water project funding and oversight with little overhead and maximized shared problem solving. Since 2004, the Blue Planet Network has funded 18 non-governmental organizations worldwide which have in turn implemented 142 sustainable water projects in 14 countries impacting 137,000 lives. BPRF’s goal is to provide safe drinking water to 200 million people for the rest of their lives by 2027.

To learn more about the Blue Planet Network visit: http://www.blueplanetrun.org

They've change their name because... "Our growth and impact is due to the passion and capabilities of our Network members.  We learn from each other, and each of us is more capable because of this connection.  So we decided we should change our name to Blue Planet Network to reflect this.  Using “Network” in our name goes right to the heart of what we’re all about, and the value we hope to create... in our common mission to eradicate the global safe drinking water crisis."

We have found that the cost for these types of projects, thanks to the efficiency of PWX, is roughly $30 per person affected. And we expect the solutions put into place to last a lifetime. Tackling the water crisis on this level requires more commitment, organization and stamina than applying temporary bandaid fixes like shipping in water or providing chemicals to treat dirty water. The Blue Planet Network is focused on solving the drinking water problem world-wide, rather than simply relieving it.